Friday, October 3, 2008

More kittens...and shopping for lighting

Kiki's new babies arrived on Octobert 2nd! I had been taking her into work with me all week, as I do with expectant momcats during their last week of gestation, and all the staff kept close eye on every move, meow and sigh she made. But she made us all wait until Thursday, and just before lunchtime, she went into labor and had her two babies within 5 minutes of each other! They are purrfect, a little red classic tabby boy and a blue or blue-cream girl. Kiki is a bit of a nervous mom at first, so I am glad I have the next 3 days off, so I can keep a close eye on them. But at least they arrived safe and sound, and I didn't have a middle-of-the-night delivery, as often happens.

Sanding starts on the drywall repairs tomorrow, and I asked Clay if he could install some new lights (since the old ones had to be taken down to do the repairs) and he said today I went to Lowe's and Home Depot (luckily right across the street from each other) and picked out new ceiling lights and yes, a new faucet for the master bathroom, too! Hope the rest of the house doesn't look too shabby with the new stuff in place! The flooring guy, Wade, took me by a house today that just had the same flooring put in that I am getting, Congoleum DuraStone and Duraplank, and wowza, I loved it. It was so nice to see it in a house rather than in samples.

I stopped in at Hard Times Cafe tonight, had some wings (shoulda stuck with my usual chili dog) and a pint of Abita Turbo Dog (a favorite). It's not the same without Mike, but I had a club soda with lime in his honor. I'm off to a friends for dinner and a movie tomorrow (they have a kitty from me too, so of course they are friends!). Lisa has helped me a lot with her friendship and "attention-to-detail" cleaning when she comes over to help me catch up!

Well, that's all the mewsings for today!


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