Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tool Time (for cats) & the kitten stork arrived!

There are new kittens in the house! Coco had her kittens on Sept 23 and they are doing great! A flashy calico girl and a cute red & white boy. They are both promised to homes already, but stay here until they are 16 weeks old, so lots of fun ahead.

The cats & I are all staying in the guest bedroom because of the water damage, have 2 tents set up (another litter due tomorrow). It's cozy & fun, like staying in a hotel, mol--that's meow out loud. I'm making the best of it, and this weekend the repairs started. Brighton was very interested in the guys here working, hiding under their tarps and checking out their toolboxes. So I had to put all the cats away, but I snapped a pix of him bunting the shop vac.

This guy is great, even cleans up after he gets done working and puts all the tools in an out of the way spot so they wouldn't be in my way. He is a good friend of a couple who have a cat from nice to have someone working on your house that you can trust! He's doing the drywall and painting. In a couple of weeks, more work will be done and we will have new carpets, and tile and wood on the floors.
I got a lot of little stuff done while he was here working, that feels good, and I'm going to clean up, take a nap and then BBQ a steak (coffee encrusted w/creole spices) and have some steamed artichokes w/Bearnaise sauce...and a couple of Hurricanes.

Then I can call it a Good Weekend!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Cat-astrophe

I was hoping to get another journal done while I was on vacation in Oregon visiting family (from 8/21-29).

I didn't. Had a great time though and felt very rejuvenated...but it didn't last.

The first bad news while I was away was that Billy Idol, one of my 2 Sphynx, has some skin lesions that look suspiciously like ringworm. So my petsitter started everyone on meds and isolated him. But the bad news kept coming...

My petsitter (who also has 2 of my cats) came in on Thursday to find flooding due to one of the cats turning on the upstairs bathroom faucet and it has damaged the drywall and flooring through all 3 levels. It is repairable but I will be dealing with the insurance company etc this week and the cats are confined to 2 bedrooms as the drywall is damaged and the ceilings open in spots and they would be likely to get in there if left loose. So, a hassle and stressful for me, but fixable.

I got a hold of the insurance company today. They sent out ServPro to assess extent of water damage. I now have 15 dehumidifiers running and it's almost 11pm. Too late to relocate to a hotel at this point or decide where I can stay, but will make plans that way tomorrow.

They tore up most of the carpet in the master bedroom and the vinyl in the master bath and the carpet in the upstairs hall. They sprayed mold killer on the hardwood floor and in the ceiling. They said the blowers have to run til at least Thursday but that they will come out on Tuesday and do a moisture assessment again.

I am concerned about the cats health, as well as my own and if my insurance covers it, might stay in a hotel while this is going on. My boss, Jan, said I could stay at her place and board the kitties at the clinic, but then there would be hardly enough room for clients cats!

I may board 1/2 of the cats at the hospital (Sammy, Disco, Billy, Joy) and have Brighton and Spot with me. Coco and Kiki are pregnant and I worry about that, so my petsitter will take them to her house.

I just need to try and figure out what would be best for the cats, as I already know/think I can weather this. Also depends on whether I can sleep tonight and how hot it gets in here tomorrow, but the guys said about 15 degrees hotter than normal with all these machines running. If it's not bad, well, I can muddle thru here.

To top it off, I have a big cat show, the one at the Dulles Expo, this weekend, but am only showing my petsitters kitty, so not too stressful I hope.

My, my...I do have some extra special friends! One has offered me their lovely, just redone guest room with full bath etc; one has offered to put me up in a Residence Inn; another would even take allergy meds so I could stay with them; another offered room for the kitties.

But Safeco Insurance is coming through and will put me up in a Residence Inn right near where I work and even pay the pet deposit, too. so for right now, that is what I am going to do. The dehumidifier fans have to run through at least Thursday so that is how long a stay they booked me.

My petsitter is going to take my 2 pregnant girls, I will board Sammy, Disco, Billy & Joy at the hospital where I work and just have Brighton and Spot at the hotel with me. If I have to stay in the hotel longer, they will book it for the extra time, as well as if I have to move out again while repairs are going on. Guess I'll just leave my suitcase packed like I am on vacation, lol.

Well, I ended up in the Inn for a week, fit a cat show in there someplace (Pixie needs 5 more points to get her Grand title), and got to sort of avoid reality for a week! Got back in my house on Monday, and had a friend over today helping me clean up and to staple bedsheets over the holes in the ceiling so the cats can't get up there. Billy's skin problems clearing up, culture still pending so I have him isolated still. Flooring guy was out today and has me dreaming of all new floors--Congoleum DuraPlank! So now instead of surfing YouTube, I'm surfing flooring sites, lol. Binx arrived back at his birth home safe and sound, and Disco has someone interested in giving him a new lease on life, so I hope that works out. He's coming to meet him next week.

That's all the mews for now.