Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Kitty's Bum Knee...

Oh my! The Cat Blogosphere is an amazing place! And KC and Marg and Jan and all those 'behind the scenes' humans that come together for these fund raising auctions, for cats in need, have come to the assistance of Coco and me. I am not exaggerating that as I type this, I have tears in my eyes...tears of gratitude and admiration!


Just so you don't have to go searching the Curlz and Swirlz archives looking for posts about Coco and her medical crisis, I have edited some of those posts and here they are...

Last July, Coco and Brighton and Disco were in the 'Stud Room' keeping Sammy company. I am not sure what happened, but I heard some commotion and growling and I think there might have been a fight over who gets to be in the heated cat bed on top of the cabinet in that room.

Anyway, Brighton was hiding, Disco looked wide eyed, and Coco was carrying her left hind leg. At first, I thought maybe Sammy bit her but then I remembered he doesn't have any bitey teeth left.

So, I thought Coco probably fell off the top of the cupboard and hurt her leg. The vets examined her the next day and took xrays but Coco was very grumbly and they could tell if it was from pain or just not liking being at the vets.

For a month, she was on pain meds and Cosequin and she did get better, as far as the swelling in her knee went down and she didn't complain when I examined her. But she continued to carry her leg many times a day, and so my vet talked to a orthopedic specialist and he thought Coco might have torn some ligaments when she fell. Here's a short video of her in 'action':


I decided to get their expert opinion on what was wrong and on Dec 16, 2011, I took Coco to see Dr Lotsikas at Veterinary Orthopedic Sports Medicine Center, and this is what he said:

Coco has bilateral patellar luxation, left clinically worse than right, minimal fluid buildup on left side, Grade II-IV lateral patellar luxation left hind leg, Grade I on the right hind leg. There was no cranial drawer or tibial thrust noted on either stifle. Full range of motion both joints. Surgical management of trochlear block recession, joint capsule imbrication and potentially a tibial tuberosity transposition.

So, she had not so great knees before she hurt herself, but he thinks that she 'tore' some support ligaments when she fell, and if I do nothing, she will continue to limp and worse, could damage the other ligaments if she had another accident.

Coco is only 6 years old and, as most Cornish Rex are, is very athletic and active. I live in a 3 level house with lots of running room and stairs (it's the cat's 'Giant Cat Tree', hahameow). And to have to restrict Coco from 'being a cat' wouldn't be how I would like her to spend the rest of her life.

So, on January 3rd, Coco had surgery on her left hind leg, and is in the midst of 8 weeks of  enforced 'bed rest'. That has been pretty easy as I took her to work with me every day for 2 weeks til her sutures could be removed and the cone of shame came off. For the past 4 weeks, Coco has stayed in the 'kitten tent' which I kept just for these kind of situations!

I've been keeping everyone updated on Coco's surgery and progress and asked for lotsa healing purrs for her on her surgery day and during her recovery. I know it has helped and I am also now following some other kitties that have had the same kind of surgery...

I want Coco to 'grow old' with me, so anything I can to do help that, I will do. And to all involved with putting together this auction to help me pay off her large vet bill, I can't thank you enough for caring and working so hard to make this happen! Mega Purrs to you!

And if you have something you wish to donate to Coco's auction or just want to learn more about the auctions, you can click on this link Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere or just email KC at catblogosphere dot com or Marg at margaretmsan at gmail dot com