Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is it cold where you are?

It's 27 F outside at 3:15pm; supposed to get down to 19 F tonight. I just got in, from two rainy but lovely weeks in Oregon (I'll post pix soon), to my Heat Pump on the fritz! But after a visit from the happy repairman, finding it was a bad breaker, even though my wallet is lighter, it's better than the flood I arrived home to after my last Oregon vacation in 2008! So, as my house gradually warms up (from 52 to now 62 in 2 hours, soon I will be warm and toasty again (as long as I don't go outside!). But I found this video on another friends blog, 60 GOING ON 16, and well, if you want some more warmth...just watch this!