Sunday, April 10, 2016

Nature is Art (A Worth Recyling Post from Nov 2012)

I just watched a documentary about Andy Goldsworthy, and was awestruck at his work. Thought I would share a video slideshow I found on YouTube and if you would like to watch the documentary, it's called Rivers and Tides...

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter Lilies are Toxic to Cats!

All parts of the lily plant (leaves, petals, bulbs, even the pollen!)are considered toxic to cats and consuming even small amounts can be life threatening. Within a few hours of ingestion of the lily plant, a cat may vomit, become lethargic or develop a lack of appetite. These signs continue and worsen as kidney damage progresses. Without prompt and proper treatment by a veterinarian, the cat may develop kidney failure in 36 to72 hours.

I continue to be surprised at the number of people who do not know that the Easter Lily is one of the most toxic plants to cats, and how the plants are not labeled with warnings! This time of year, every grocery store has huge displays of Easter candy, baskets, egg decorating kits and yes, Easter Lilies...all ready to be put in the homes of unsuspecting cat owners!

There are many nice alternatives to having lilies in the house (most lilies are toxic to cats, but not seen inside homes as often). Orchids, Easter cactus and violets are options, as are lovely artificial silk lilies.

Here is a link to more info:

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Brigit's Crossing, The Nation's Premier Holistic Cat Sanctuary & Adoption Center

A acquaintance of mine volunteers here and I'd almost move to Naples Florida just to be able to volunteer there, too.

If anyone is looking for a worthy place to donate to, I would highly recommend Brigit's Crossing!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cat Immersion (Worth Recyling Post from Aug 2012)

Maga is a cat-loving teen patient with cancer at Seattle Children's Hospital. She's had to be in the hospital many times, and during her stays what she misses most is her own cat Merry.

They asked their Facebook fans to share their favorite cat photos, and got an awesome response -- 3,000+ photos! They used these pictures to create this "cat immersion" for Maga -- an audio/visual experience to bring thousands of "virtual" cats to Maga's room.

This will surely put a smile on your face as it did mine.

Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2007

Have 9 years passed? How have I survived losing you, my love? I have survived because knowing you has helped me be strong.

I have come to where I look forward to the future, from time to time, because I know you would want me to be happy to be alive.

I, like so many who knew you, say 'What would Mike do' when the going gets tough.

How can I stay in the home you and I shared? Because here, we were kind of separate people. You knew I had a laundry list of things I would like to change in you, but when I asked about'd say 'Nothing worth mentioning'...

It was when we traveled and sought out French restaurants, the smallest English Pub and brought along things to make our trips 'exciting'..that is when I truly miss you, Mike. Who else, when in front of the White Hart Pub in England, would joke while I was filming it, say 'Here we are at the White Fart...

I found a wonderful therapist (through my cats, that would make you smile) and she has helped me be happy here, to treasure what we shared...and knows I can make a life for myself, even when I don't want to move on...

and know that whatever memories I make in the future, that a part of you will be there, too. I can't sit out on my mom's deck without feeling you there; I can't make that drive back and forth to work each day without remember us doing it together, me dozing-you driving; I can't hold a kitten in my hands without thinking of you sharing that joy with me...

When I see myself now, I see me...not me and you as I assumed my future would include. Funny, part of me married you for security...and 2 months later, you lost your job...

I see the cats, and I see you with them and the friends who, even those who never met you, feel as if they have, because you are here, with me...

You bought me my dream car, a Jaguar XJS

and then we went to Coventry together; You bought your first Canali suit at Harrod's and we were at the Helston Furry Dance together...because we loved each other, we shared the good and the bad, and were stronger for it...

You said I was the best cat breeder you had ever met, still it took me many years to add your name to 'my' cattery...when we passed the 5 year mark together (as long as any of my previous relatiionships had lasted), I thought we would grow old together...

You surprised me with a trip to NYC for Christmas, and every time I visit there, you are there with me...and I am trying to make new memories of things we hadn't shared, or I wish you were there.

We made a snow cat, we traveled around the country, making a show cat, we were made for each other and others saw that in us, too...

Here is the blog page that a friend made the week that Mike died...One page speaks volumes and friends shared about the man they knew. 

Mike's Memorial

Mike will always be 58 to me and as I turn 64...I think of how we all remember Marilyn Monroe as young and of that song, Forever Young...sometimes I feel old without you, Mike...

I will love you, always...I will miss you by my side always...I want you to know that, I know you knew that...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love is What's Inside...Set it Free

...They say Valentine's Day is the day for lovers. Perhaps we need to rethink what Valentine's Day is all about. Just open your heart and let the love and whoever you share that part of you with will benefit from it!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Make My Day (Worth Recycling Post from June 2012)

I follow a lovely blog, A Proper Bostonian...and I just had to share her post today:

Make my Day

Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Cat Bed? (Upcycled Post from Nov 2011)

I have an eMac on my desk, just waiting for me to gut it and make a cat bed out of it...

then I saw this and so wish I had a techie friend who would make one for me!

eSleeper from Sam Cox on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Music that makes my heart sing...(Recycled post from Nov 2011)

I had not ever heard of Amy before, but my sister sent me a link to a cute cat video, and her music was behind the I spent the next hour searching youtube for her songs...Love them!

Here's the cat video link:

and with the German Philharmonic Orchestra...