Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Animal Wednesday?

I found this video on a fellow cat bloggers blog and just had to share it! Click on the words below to watch the video!

The White Deer of Wisconsin

Sunday, March 28, 2010 pass the time

Yes, it's been almost 6 weeks since I posted a 'human' update, so much going on in my head and life that I know that I can't remember all the details...mostly good things, good therapist, good that winter is almost gone, good that the kittens are all happy and healthy.

In a couple of weeks, I will be heading off to BlogPaws --a pet bloggers convention, with a blogger from DC who I "follow" and it will be something fun, still cat oriented, but not like cat shows in the level of stress and unfriendly exhibitors! Carol, of Meir Cats, Chats & Fiber is a fellow cat lover, and so much more! We have chatted and met and I am sure we won't run out of things to talk about on our 8 hour drive up to Columbus! In fact, we might have to feign napping just to hear quiet!

We both love good beer and German food, both are nearby the hotel in Columbus, so once we get settled into the hotel, we may be able to walk where ever we wish to go. The hotel has quite a history itself, and I'm looking forward to staying there. We are both taking cats with us, of course we are, we are getting adjoining rooms to make socializing easy and we are hoping to come away with lots of info and new friendships.

When I retire, I would like to blog more, on a more health and behavior oriented cat blog and some of what I can learn at this conference would be helpful in learning how to 'market' myself and about blogging do's and don'ts, but mostly I am just looking forward to being around like-minded people and learning from the experience, sort of like any ArtFest or Concours d' Elegance. Not quite like a retreat at Kripalu, but still a step into something new with a feel of familiarity...

Therapy is helping...I am feeling a lot more positive, though nothing tangible has changed in my life! At the recommendation of m. heart at SECRET NOTEBOOKS... , I bought some chanting CD's and a lavender eye pillow and am finding time to enjoy both. On the way to work the other day, I was listening to the Diane Rehm show on NPR and was filled with thought at the writer Lisa Millers interview. I got to work and looked up her book, and might pick up the CD for the trip to Columbus. You can listen to her interview here


Two things I heard have stuck with me. One is that heaven is here on earth, in things like hugging your child, and each other meant a lot to me as I am not a member of "organized religion" but feel my faith is "Do unto others"...and while I may fall from the path from time to time. a "heaven" awaits those of any faith who can live by a similar belief, whether that heaven is the bliss you get when you do something nice for someone else or contentment in how you perceive an afterlife.

I am not sure I really said all that I feel there, but I think of those things when I get down, and it helps me put things into perspective, a more positive one, on the road to enlightenment...

Photo from Flickr user Pearbiter

Work is a bit stressful still, but again, it's all in perception and these changes could bring about a whole new year of good things, and it seems the team is pulling together to try and make that happen...that wouldn't have been possible a few months ago, I truly believe that.

The economy is finally affecting the hospital, and we are letting the newest employee go, but what we have left is going to be a team that is going to work at improving themselves and therefore, the practice, and the good things brought about because of communication is going to play a bit part in one likes being kept in the dark and you know what "assuming" does...

Another positive thing, my kittens are doing well, all promised to wonderful homes and my kitty with the behavior issue (urine marking) seems happier and has only marked a couple of times in the past 3 months. I am not sure how many follow my cat blog too, but last year I had more health problems than I had ever had, with upper respiratory viruses, and it was very disheartening.

But a friend said, "Don't give up breeding the cats you love, until you know if that is what is making you unhappy"...wise words, my therapist said. And this year, all is well and I am not ready to give up something I love...yet. And they can make me smile like nothing else, as is evident in this video...

Well, because I don't post often, I am now running out of steam, but have had a good day, finishing a few tasks and can put away the sewing machine that's been sitting there reminding me for months to make pillowcases for the smaller than standard size memory foam pillows I bought at IKEA, rearranged some bookcases to look more like this:

photo by William Waldron

and I am thinking of dinner (Trader Joe's Tarte aux Champignons) Tarte'

a movie (Precious)

and clean sheets on the bed, and sleeping (or trying to) with all the cats tonight.

Sweet Dreams...