Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Monday Mewsings...

One might think my life is already Cats 24/7, and starting tomorrow, it's about to get back to that once again!

After losing my job at an all feline veterinary hospital, I have spent the last 5 months at what is the BEST emergency hospital in the world, The Hope Advanced Veterinary Center

I did not make the decision to leave there without thought, but my heart keeps leading me back to cats, and I feel that this new practice will bring with it both the things I loved about my last job, without the aspects that dissatisfied me. I start at Just Cats Clinic tomorrow, April 1st!

My experience with my cat Brighton at THC in June of 2010, my visits with many cats to CVCA, and with all my phone contacts with theirr staff and doctors were  so positive that I knew I would want to be a part of their team. And as sometimes happens, once one gets behind the scenes, the initial experience, especially as a client, is tarnished as one sometimes finds that things aren't as golden as they seemed. 

Without reservation, my opinion and experiences while working at THC have exceeded my expectations, on all fronts. And I can truly say to clients and friends that I trust them completely with my cats, so in that way can comfort and elicit trust from clients, too. It is one of the things I weighed in trying to make my decision to accept the position at Just Cats Clinic.

One of the things I love about THC is that most of the management staff are LVT'S and have 'been in the trenches' and know what helps make a practice run well, as well as knowing what the staff actually experience on a daily basis. I think that is one of the strongest assets that THC has! 

Yes, it is the largest practice I have ever worked at, and yes I still have that deer in the headlights feeling when things get busy and emergencies come in one on top of the other, but it is comforting to know there is always someone I can go to when I had a question or a concern. I have never been 'brushed off' or made to feel inadequate. In fact, just the opposite! I am always told 'That's a good question' and encouraged along.

I am going to stay on as part of the relief staff, which makes me happy, too! And getting back to daytime hours hopefully will have me blogging more and getting back to my personal page more often!