Friday, October 10, 2008

HaRd LaBor...

Well, Johnny's in the basement, mixin up the medicine... (what Dylan song is that line from?).

Well, I'm in the basement catching up on the computer while the hammering/ripping/tearing go on upstairs...the plank floors are going in today (and tomorrow) and I am trying to stay out of the way while still being here. So doing that, and periodically making forays in to the attic to try and make some sense out of the mess up there so I can have more storage and have Viet Nam Vets pick up a load of junque, is not too bad a way to spend a day.

I'm petsitting Nacho & Peachie this week while their owners are in Italy on vacation. They are doing so well there, seem very happy and no "out-of-litterbox experiences" since they have been keeping the boxes cleaner. I often watch kitties for their owners when they are away, but thought that for N & P that staying in their new home would be a whole lot less stressful than readjusting to here besides all the construction going on!

A week from now, I wil be in NYC at the big Madison Square Garden Cat show, and bringing a friend along who I haven't gotten to visit with much since she moved away. We are staying in a really nice hotel (no bedbugs I would hope, unlike the Hotel Pennsylvania and other places in the news up there) with a kitchenette (yea, cold beverages!) and down comforters. Both Dayle and I are tight on funds at the moment, so nothing lavish other than the fully stocked bar I will be bringing along. That and being with friends will make the weekend!

Momma's and babies are all doing great, and have decided they want to share the mothering duties, so I have rearranged the 2 tents to make a "suite" with one tent for the "bedroom" and one tent for the "powder room" and I am sure by the end of the weekend that the older kittens will be clambering out of their kitten box/bed and bobbling around and learning how to play.

Little Joy, Coco's kitten from May, was spoken for but because of her heart murmur, they have decided not to take her. I am disappointed, but she is such a sweetie that I am sure one of the other families I have on my waiting list will take one look at her and want to adopt her. I have 2 people who would love a show cat, and I think she could be a I will keep everyone updated on who will get some "Joy" in their life. Here's a photo of her, being contemplative...

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