Saturday, October 25, 2008

Magic Carpet Ride...

While my time in New York is still fresh in my mind (gee, it WAS only last weekend) a whole lot has been accomplished back here at the Furry Dance Cat House. New York was great, good food with good friends.

I would highly recommend

The Elephant & Castle
Arno Ristorante

I did a little sightseeing, a little shopping and somehow resisted the urge to wander into the store that had these shoes in the window...

The cat show was huge, crowds non-stop and one leaves at the end of the day feeling a bit shell-shocked from all the frenzied activity and "networking". There was a lot of CRex competition and Pixie had 3 nice cats to compete against. While she didn't win, I would have ranked the cats as the judges did, with a handsome black and white boy coming in first in the breed, and Pixie coming in 2nd most of the time. I handed out lots of Cornish Rex information and chatted with many people who have or had a CRex at home and that is always easy and fun, to talk about something you love already! Here's a photo of Pixie at the show, and living it up in the hotel room, and sipping her Tuscan Milk!

I came home with a new Daddy-Cat, Angelwaves Sirius Black. He is going through the isolation and testing protocol I do when I bring a new cat into the house, but 99.9% of his tests have been clear and that's a relief. He is very handsome, all black (hence the name) and is very svelte and racy, only weighing in at 5# 7oz. He is 18 months old, and the next step is to have his heart ultrasounded and if he is clear, then in a few months, he can sire his first litter! Here's his first photo in his new home here!

The (magic) carpet went in on Friday and I love it! It has brownish-greenish tones (khaki to be precise) and so in the light rooms it looks more cafe aulait and in the darker room it looks more sage green. It's a shag (baby) but nowadays they call it Frisee, and it is sort of frizzy. The drywall repairs are complete and the painting almost done. I am now in the process of cleaning the walls and putting everything back in place. It's like I just moved in, with stuff in crates and boxes, but it's giving me a reason to do spring cleaning, get rid of some stuff I'll never wear again and to rearrange some furniture. One good thing about moving furniture around, I found some lighting in the bookshelves was overheating and looked a bit scary, so I didn't hook them back up again! Flood I can handle, fire I don't think so...

Momcats and babies are all doing great. My petsitter has been nurturing them over at her house since I went to New York and so I know they will be SUPER KITTEHS because of all their TLC. They are fat and sassy and in and out of their kitten tent, except at night or when they can't be watched and by the time they come back here tomorrow, they will be ready to move in to the kitten newly redone master bathroom. They are not all spoken for yet, one is still up for grabs, but I am certain that he will find just the right home, too.

I'm off to dinner tonight with friends to Nando's Peri Peri Chicken! Mike and I found a Nando's in London when we were there and truly, it is amazing and very close to the Portuguese Piri Piri Chicken my mom has made since their stint in Portugal in the '70's. Here's a link to Nando's, so you can see what you are missing!

Tomorrow, it's more "moving in" work, but if I put off working on it...I'll be in disarray forever and that's not good mentally or physically. I was behind on stuff before this all happened, but the filing and photo albums and yard work will just have to wait!

Well, just mostly wanted to post so I could show you the new pix, so that's it for today, anyway.


  1. Terri,
    First of all, love those shoes and I'll need to email you a photo of a pair of my own you'll adore. Love the cat with the bouffant 'flip' and really, no, I don't think that boat makes your butt look too big!
    You pics of the kittens make me want a kitten for Mooshie. He longs for a friend, but mommy Aya says no for now. But hey, I say your black 5# boy cat and that's about the size we want-the tiniest of tiny's. You look great. If you are up towards Columbia, MD or Baltimore us. I would love to see you, have you see our new/old home and for you to see the Mooshman

  2. Sirius Black is *so* beautiful.
    Your Blog always makes me smile.


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