Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy Saturday!

Well, I was relegated to the upstairs at home today, since there was sanding and painting going on in the basement AND new Congoleum DuraPlank going in on the main floor...

So I was forced, forced I say, to climb the ladder up in to the attic and work on it most of the day! Came across some stuff I'd been looking for, some stuff I didn't know was there, and have a big pile of stuff for the dumpster and recycle and The Vietnam Vets to pick up on Thursday. Reminds me, got to schedule a pickup!

I found some old photos of Mike and his family (will have to mail them off to his brother) and some moldering old files of his that were from when he worked at a hotel before college! Boy, they really needed to come 3000 miles to mold some more!! I hope with all the new space up there in the attic, that I can move most of the tools (hate to get rid of them, but anyone I hire will have their own) I'll store 'em away for now and make space in the basement for cat show stuff.

The floors look fantastic, as does the tile in the bathrooms. The basement ceiling repairs and painting are all done and in a couple of weeks, the main floor ceiling will get finished, and I'll have all new carpet upstairs. Then comes the chore of putting all the furniture and paintings and bric-a-brac back in place, but I am hoping all the new stuff will encourage me to get it done. Seems like during the week, not much gets accomplished visually, but after this next weekend in NYC, I will be home for 3 weekends in a row, and hope to get a lot done!

I haven't taken any pix of the work in progress here, but did have time to take new kitten pix, so here they are...

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