Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jolly Christmas to all my friends

Count your blessings, we all have some, one of mine is blogging...To all my blogging friends...May your Christmas be Merry & your New Year bright!


  1. Who knew there were so many kittehs with blogs? They sure are different than doggies, but I have enjoyed getting to know some of them.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

    Mango (and Dexter)

  2. We are so happy to know you and your cats Teri - we love you all.
    Merry Christmas to you.
    Luv Hannah, Lucy and Mum Sue xxxxxx

  3. what a sweet car with the kitties peeking over the edge. i am honored to be your blogging friend and to share life snippets with you through the year. may 2011 be a blessed one for you. shrugging off the old and embracing the new. Hugs, suki and Bibbity

  4. Thank you for all you kind comments, and your helpful advice for my Mr Dutch, throughout this past year. The love out there in the blog world is amazing, and I feel so lucky to have made so many wonderful friends, and you are certainly one of them. Happy Holidays to you, and thank you.
    Hugs, Jennifer

  5. Merry Christmas sweet friend and furbabies!

  6. Oh we hopes dats you had a peeceful & wunderful Christmouse.
    We sure missez viztin' wits all our frendz... but someday mebbe soon, momee will lets us be back on da CB.
    Much love & hopes fur a prosperous, peeceful, & healthy new year!
    Dr Tweety

  7. Well, I didn't get here in time for Christmas, but I wanted to stop by and wish you the merriest of Christmas seasons. I hope the day itself was wonderful and I hope that the coming week is full of joy. May you find laughter with friends, affection and joy with family, short return lines, and lots of great deals during after-school shopping. I want to thank you for your blog and for dropping by mine. You have made my year richer and fuller and sweeter. Merry, happy, joyous New year!! Much love, Relyn

  8. We hopes you all had a wonderful Christmas too!

  9. Own! So sweettttt!
    I wish to you a Happy New Year my friends!

  10. Looks like the EARTH will be moving into a NEW YEAR soon.... YIPPEEE!!

    Here's love, well wishes to all of you for a great 2011 year ahead!! Only good things ahead!! YAY!

  11. Hope you all had a great Christmas. Here's to a wonderful New Year!


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