Sunday, November 9, 2008

Still feel like I've just moved in...

Heading in to the second week of November and I pushed myself today to attack the living room! I kept telling myself I wanted to wash walls and steam clean knicknacks before putting them back, so for 2 weeks I've been tripping over stuff, moving rough totes to get into the fridge, living out of the guest room still. I sort of lost interest for a while. But today, I hit the living room and kitchen and got quite a bit accomplished. I need to stop soon so I can enjoy a steak and a glass (or 3) of wine...

Had a cat show this weekend, and it was lovely that it was just one day, so I could get moving round the house today! One of my favorite clients at the cat hospital where I work, was "benched" next to me with one of her "household pets", a cute blue classic tabby and white old lady, who didn't look a day over four years old (she is 17!). It was nice to share the day with Carol, and keep up on what our cats were doing. Mine spent the whole day pacing and yowling and marking his territory--he is my new stud cat, Mister. Carol and I felt like bobble-head dolls watching him. He had lots of competition and while I thought he was the nicest Cornish Rex there...the judges felt otherwise and he came away with only 2 points...27 points to go to get his Grand Champion title.

The kittens are doing well, having a little setback this weekend with weaning tummy issues, but they are feeling better this evening and I am watching them closely. Here's a video of them playing on the stairs, quite an adventure for a kitten! Me, I tell people the only exercise I get is going up and down those stairs...and that's not too far from the truth! I need to find a fit SO that might push me to add exercise to my daily routine, instead of just putting on my "to-do" list.

Oh, and that's my new carpet and wood flooring in the video, too!

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