Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kittens Under the Weather

I was supposed to head down to a big cat show in Atlanta on Thursday, but Coco and Kiki's kittens have come down with an upper respiratory virus, possibly caught from their mothers licking and grooming them, and I just wasn't comfortable leaving that responsibility with my petsitter (who also has vet assistant experience) so I am staying home with them and with supportive care, I I hope they will be over this bug soon.

I took them all in to work with me on Monday and had little Jack, who was the most congested, xrayed to make sure he wasn’t developing pneumonia (he was clear) and the rest of the kittens had exams too, and no congestion or bad lung sounds at all. We are waiting for the eye swab test to come back (checking for Feline Herpes Virus), but are treating them on their symptoms, which is the wise thing to do. They are all on antibiotics and lysine and vitamins with iron, to help keep their immune systems strong while they fight the cold virus. They are also getting ointment in their eyes to keep the bacteria and virus under control.

I hope to make good use of my four days off, but have gotten into Blog searching and think maybe part of it is work avoidance, but part of it is that there is so many interesting people out there, makes the world feel like a village...

Here's a photo of some of the kittens, doing what is as close to bed rest as kittens can get.

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