Friday, November 14, 2008

Crazy Cat People

Of course, none of us think we fall into that cat-a-gory, but a friend just sent me this video interview from that New York Cat Show I was at, and I thought you might enjoy a giggle or two...I'm not embarrassed, cuz I'm one of the normal ones, right? I did have to giggle myself when most everyone said they had "7" cats, like that's the number that is well, more than most people have, but not out-of-control like a hoarder...and how most everyone said their cats are "dog-like", like that is something a cat-lover would want, MOL! I think I will find another by-line now, when asked about my cats personality!

I got another kitty back from it's home, for "inappropriate urination". I hope Toby has a successful rehab and can find the perfect home, just like Nacho and Peachie have. I think his home was just too busy and his comfort level was maxxed out. Each cat is different and his owners tried many things to try and get him over that behavior, but nothing worked. So we made the decision together for me to try him here as I have been quite successful with retraining them and figuring out what makes them happy. Today is his birthday, and his family came over to give him a present (Fancy Feast Medleys) and play with him. They are also my petsitters, and have another kitty from me, but so far she seems totally happy--though she was nervous around Toby and began obsessively licking her fur off, and now that he is out of their house, she is more relaxed, too.
Here's a photo of Mr Tob's:

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  1. LOL! That video was too funny. We'll have to say "dog-like" without all the dog baggage.


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