Friday, November 28, 2008

No leftovers here...

That's what happens when you go to friends for a I had nachos and ice cream for my post T-Day dinner! Slept in, stayed in and am now eating my newest favorite ice cream, H-D Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle and sipping some Banana Rum.

T-Day was delicious and fun, as the photos below will attest. I took 2 bottle of Portuguese wine, a Vino Verde & a Tinto and tried a new way of roasting chestnuts...I will watch the BBQ more closely next time, but people were kind and said they were yummy, but as you can tell by the pix, because I blanched them in water, olive oil and sea salt, then put fresh rosemary branches on the coals and put on the lid just to smoke them a bit after cooking them in the oven first...well, they flamin' caught on fire!

There are no pictures of the actual table laden with food--we were all to busy eating! All the food was wonderful, the friends together being thankful and many helpers in the kitchen afterwards, too. The photo shoot of Candi didn't happen, but I did get one shot of her, on her throne, close to the activity but not in the midst of it...just like the princess she is.

My kittens are feeling much better and just about over their colds; and I'm enjoying the extra day off of work and catching up with a few things around the house. Seems to be taking a while to get it together...think I spend too much time on the computer! I am off to a cat show next weekend, so I better get lots done this weekend!

So, without further ado, here's my Thanksgiving Day pix.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you...and nice to meet you! Love the pictures of your cats, they are really beautiful animals.

  2. Aren't you in Virginia too??
    I am pretty sure I have your furry dance webpage in my bookmarks!
    There is good and bad in left overs... mostly the desserts. mom gave those away to family, she even brought plastic containers to G+G to pack up the left overs and put it all in their fridge, haha

    She made a pumpkin pie on Friday and that was pretty yummy. I like pumpkin pie.
    purrrs, Prinnie

    ps: I think cornish rex cats are the best cats on the planet!

  3. I just read your other blogs... and the kittttttenz, oh my cat, they are soooo cute *mouth hanging open* *sigh*

    I love the new floors and carpet.

    is this your webpage?

    I found that months ago.

    Hey! I am 17 and a half!!

  4. We wanted to come by and thank you veyr much for your support over the past week. Its been a rough time but we're coming out of it. Your kittens are SOSOSOSOS cute!!



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