Friday, November 21, 2008

Mike brought to mind...

Somehow, the dates of Mike and I's anniversary (August 11) passed without me remembering until a few days later. Same thing happened when his birthday came (November 3).

I don't know what that means, but I know I think of him so many other days, that to me it's like every day is an anniversary of some kind or other.

But on Wednesday, I got a call from someone from the Machinists Union, reminding me that Mike would have been 60 on November 3rd, and that's when his pension benefits would begin for me. Funny, I still think of Mike as 58 years old, always will I guess. And somehow I had a feeling he would be happy that his presence in my life was still helping me out, he was still protecting me.

Another plus, this year they made a change to the benefits and instead of receiving 50%, I will get 100%! While Mike only worked for them for 6 years and it was many, many years ago (when he was in college), the pension isn't grand, but it will help me meet expenses and use less savings

So, instead of me giving Mike a gift, he gave me one! I love you, Mikey


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