Monday, October 13, 2008

Cutest Cat & Kids Winner!

Furry Dance Piskie and her proud owner, Ben Poulakos, entered The Cat Fanciers Associations “Cutest Cat and Kids Contest. They just got the news that they won third prize! I don't know how many photos were submitted, but it's a big "bird feather in their cap" to win. Pixie will be there, at the Cat Show and maybe we will even get on TV!

Ben and his family can't attend, but I will be there, with Pixie, the cute cat in the photo. I will proudly bring home the prizes and photos and fun stories to tell for Ben and his wonderful family (who are also my treasured pet sitters when I am away). They are also my dear friends and were the "first response team" when my house flooded! My cats sure give me some quality friends, don't they!

Here’s the photo they entered:



  1. AWW we are so excited!!!!!! thank you for the kind words. We are so lucky to have you in our lives!!

  2. Love your mewsings.
    Love your heart.
    Puss is The Queen, and today, her Mewjesty gets a bath ^ ^

  3. Congratulations Pixie & Family!!

  4. Hi Teri,

    Loved hearing about the New York show. The 3rd place picture was waaay to cute. I'd love to see some pictures of the floor, your description sounded so pretty. Thr babies still look adorable, and I'm still working on Rick about getting one, maybe by the next litter. That will give us an excuse to have to come back up to the area. We are leaving on Sun. I sure will miss Dr. Ellison, as you know I'm not pleased with the vets in Savannah so far. Well, take care, I'll talk with you later.



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