Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Fever...

Ok, I know I must be feeling better...cuz I'm listening to music again! Spring...renewal...dancing round the living room alone? Well, not quite there yet but I am going to see Steve Forbert tomorrow at Jammin' Java and I am well, excited!


My front yard is full of violets--not really a yard, too shady to grow grass, so I have put down slate stone and transplanted violets from a neighbors yard and kyped moss from anothers and well it looks kinda nice, green--cool-- and mossy!

And I have a new friend...someone in a caregiving field, like me; who has suffered the death of a spouse, like me; who writes prose and poetry and knows about dreams never realized, like me. Somehow that feels like Spring...a kind of rebirth, just by saying Hello...


  1. What a poignant posting... best wishes with your newly discovered friend... There's nothing so comforting as finding a peer, a confidant and a friend all in one package.

    And Steve Forbert!! wow! I love this guy. I even asked to be one of his Myspace friends (how embarrassing)...

    I so agree with you about violets. They make a fabulous "lawn", require no special care and bloom prolifically. Do you have variegated, lilac and purples?

  2. That's a beautiful post, and I'm so happy you found comfort in a new friend, aww Spring :)

  3. I'm so happy you have found a new friend with so much in common. blessings to you both. I love violets. nice combined with the moss. i dont know this singer but hope you enjoy


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