Monday, April 27, 2009

...Growing old together

makes me kind of sad Mike and I won't...

Ps: My nephew Colin is in the yellow jersey!


  1. Oh Sweety I am so sorry...Love this tune, I never heard it before, I'll have to go check back as I only noticed your note about your nephew...I am sorry x

  2. Oh Teri...I can see why. Makes me choke up for you.

    Your nephew and all of the band are very talented and the song has a nice beat to it. I like it!

  3. teri, i am so glad i've found your blog and you. this choked me up too. i have lost someone, not to death, but the hole and absence make me ache sometimes. but i also can sense you have energy and passion for yourself and your life. we can't know, can't predict what's ahead for us. it might be AWESOME.

    do you mind if i sign this 'love kj'? because that is what i feel like doing...


  4. Thanks Lorraine, Karen and KJ for your heartfelt sentiments. KJ, I have to make time to wander round your blog some more...every time I do, I come away wiser :-)

  5. Hey Teri - firstly off, the band is great, I love the music and the beat and tune. what are they called?

    I think the other message is that we never know what lies ahead - I know your heart is beginning to open to new experiences and that Mike is perhaps starting to give you a gentle nudge out into the world. He's why you started blogging isn't that true? What a sweet guy he was/is!

    Of course, I'm also teary for you.

    Be well.

  6. The band is Ten G Bob. I don't care for everything they play (I don't think I care for everything that any band does) but they are fun, and they have a cute kitty cat song too. Here's their website:

  7. great music....yes, sad.
    mim is right, you never know about tomorrow, even when you've lost someone, you still never know about tomorrow. Enjoy each day, though, I know, sometimes it's hard.


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