Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday and Green Tea

Wish it was 4 pm so I could take a lie down and still wake up in time to shake off my grogginess, and attend to a few things before bedtime again. Maybe I can try and retire to bed early tonight.

My weekend company has gone, taking with them sweet Billy Idol, my Sphynx I have parted with, only because he will be with friends and a young Burmese cat named Marilyn, and he will give all three of them as much love and affection as he has given me these past two years.

So tea in my favorite cup and catching up with my favorite blogs is a nice, relaxing way to let the evening settle in. And Suki was asking where my mug I got my camera and set the mug on my lovely dining room table of slate and wood and snapped a photo. Well, not too artistic and rather boring, so I added a pretty creamer (with a cat for a's Czech, can't remember where I got it) and my current tea for my karma and a pot of African Violets (no, I can't make many plants thrive for long, so they are plastic). That made my favorite mug look even prettier. It is Denby pottery from England (one of my cats was named Denby, too)

The friends Billy will begin his new life with, although we have only met maybe twice in 12 years, met me by way of the cats, when they were seeking to adopt a Cornish Rex. I did not have any kittens at the time, and they bought a kitten from another breeder, but we stayed in touch and remained friends long distance, over the years. Tracy lost her Cornish Rex, and also a Burmese she had adopted, to the heart disease HCM. Devastated by losing them so close together, she went through a rough time with depression and anger. But she met someone that brought out the best in her, they married and together adopted another Burmese, Marilyn.

Through me, Tracy's sister adopted a Cornish Rex from me and we got back in touch regularly again and when I mentioned I may seek a home for Billy, they said they had been thinking of getting another Cornish Rex and had a friend with a Sphynx they were very fond of, too. Brother-in-law donated some of his frequent flyer miles and out Tracy came from California to get Billy.

We had a very relaxing, cat-snuggling weekend, eating at two of my favorite restaurants and driving around Washington DC sightseeing (with Billy along, so she got every moment she could with him to bond...) and it just felt so good to be with a friend to talk and share and grow to know more about each other, too. I hope that she and Tracy will return soon for another mini vacation, she promised they would, and I look forward to hearing all about Billy, Marilyn and the two Tracys life in CA now that we have even more in common.

In the next three weeks, the four Furrydance kittens will start heading off to their new lives, too and the past 4 months of anticipation for everyone will be fulfilled. I pick homes for my kittens and cats very carefully, with a 4 page Adoption Application and many, many emails and telephone chats before I decide and with that, also gain new friends, as my long time friendship with Tracy attests to.

With some time to think about what the next year will bring, I am hopeful that I will feel able to continue breeding if it makes me happiest, or be happy with having found homes for the kitties I neuter and spay, and have just 3 or 4 cats to keep me company and lose the stresses involved with keeping multiple cats happy and healthy. But this evening I feel contented, and that is a nice way to start the week...


  1. Glad you had such a pleasant weekend. Love your mug, such a deep blue color, and the pitcher too, is wonderful. Take care, Suki

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend with friends. My breeder lives in Alexandria, Va. and I often miss the warmth of the south! OK, so NJ isn't that far north but still! Its great you pick the best homes for your kittens, its a lot of work but worth it in the end.


  3. We wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting our blog after our beloved Sen-Chan went to the Bridge and leaving such kind words. We are so touched that even people who did not know us were so kind to us.

    Tom, Tama-Chan and #1

  4. I love your blue mug and that little pitcher is great.

    I hope you can keep breeding - you seem to love it so. Good luck!

  5. I just read your blog. It put me in such a good mood. I really had such a good time visiting with you. You are a wonderful and thoughtful host. I promise to take care of Billy, and give him a wonderful life. And yes, Tracey and I are already trying to figure out a time to visit. Perhaps May or June?

    Have a wonderful weekend! ~Tracy

  6. Tracy and Tracy,

    May or June would be perfect, not too hot then. If you like, I can mail you that DC travel guide book and you can pick out some of the things you'd like to see..instead of wandering somewhat aimlessly round like we did. Of course, we have to go back to El Charro and Artie's but there are a couple other places I'd love to take you in DC.


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