Friday, January 23, 2009

Blowing a Fuse

Not me
(I do that less now I am older, not to say I don't still internalize it, though).

It's the continuing saga of the HVAC system here at home. After spending $7700 on a new heat pump etc and continuing to blow fuses and finding out I might have to have some rewiring done (think, more drywall holes and more repairs...), I went onto Angies List, picked a well-thought-of company and had them come out today, and sigh of relief, it was a minor repair of less than $250 and no holes!

Of course, now I wonder if I could have saved $7450, but it's water under the bridge now, spilt milk the cats will lap up. So, I think I will treat myself to a bottle of my favorite celebration beverage, Lindemans Peche Lambic Belgian Beer (it's like champagne but better!), BBQ a hanger steak, Bernaise sauce, a baked potato with all the sour cream, butter and chives on it that I want--lots! And rent a movie I've been wanting to see, The Visitor.


  1. The Lap Lady had that beer once before she found out she couldn't ever have beer again (gluten). She said it was super tasty!! Sorry about the expensive HVAC stuff, it always goes at the worst times.


  2. Sounds like an nice evening you have set for yourself. Good to treat yourself to things you love. The movie looks good too. Be well, Suki

  3. Nothing like treating yourself nice to make those other little annoyances go away.

  4. Tis the season for stuff to break. I've decided that I personally am responsible for keeping contractors and repair people busy this winter. Enjoy the beer, you've inspired me to get started on happy hour!

  5. A Lambic will cure just about whatever ails you (I like the cherry), a girl after my own heart. Sorry to hear of your woes after a tough week myself I will gladly raise a glass with you!

  6. I'm struggling through the instructions for "blogging". Hope I have it right this time! Loved the photos. I could use a Belgian Lambic about now. I fell UP the stairs last Saturday night, broke 3 ribs and am in agony! Other than that..... I will e-mail you with details. The photos were ALL adorable. I hadn't attempted to check your blogs since Dec. 2!!

  7. You did great, Mom (Mom/Bella/Iona)

    Your comment showed up just fine!

    I am happy you know how to get here now :)

    You should start a blog of your own with all your travels and travails...
    Love and Hugs (after your ribs heal)to you and Stephen!



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