Friday, January 16, 2009

Inauguration Ball...

As January 20th nears, I have been thinking how when Mike and I moved here, he said he wanted to go to an inaugural ball when the next Democratic president came into office.

How special that experience would have been.

How poignant we won't be able to share that together, celebrating the hope of the future, ours and the USA's together.

This photo is Mike and I at the awards ceremony when Furrydance TexMexRex aka Nacho, won the title of 22nd Best Çat in Premiership in The Cat Fanciers Association. The dress I'm wearing was my mothers. I remember her wearing it back in the late 60's, that I used to help her put on her makeup when she and my dad went out to cocktail parties and balls. Being able to wear that dress made the celebration even more special.

I am so thankful that Mike and I got to share that moment together, because it was once in a lifetime for me and I couldn't have done it without his love and support and financial backing, too.

For the longest time, he wanted me to add him to the Cattery name, and I finally did, so when they announced Nacho's win, the award would go to both of us.
I regret how reluctant I was to do that and knowing much it meant to him and that in my way, doing that let him know he was the most important person in my life.

I can watch the inauguration ceremonies, not so much with sadness, but with a wistfulness that I would have never thought...before meeting Mike.

I will toast him with some champagne that night, I already have the bottle chilling.


  1. Teri, that is an awesome dress. Just gorgeous- truly. I too am looking forward to Tuesday, but it will have a different meaning. I will send you good thoughts and maybe a toast or two (or twelve- do I need to count?)!

  2. Poignant story. so glad you added him to the cattery name (even though I dont know at all what you mean) as he wanted it so much. Open open. A toast to you and to the memory of Mike. Yes, I agree, the dress and all the memories attatched are awsome.

  3. teri!thank you for finding led me here. i want to comment on so much but little miss is uncooperative-hence the single finger pecking. i have been thinking of you and mike...your stories and memories are beautiful. i will be back soon. thank you- kiss the kitties!

  4. Jennifer, I love that dress, too. All of the few vintage (my mom would love that) dresses I have hold special memories where I bought them--Portobello Market with Mike, shopping with my brother in Tucson, a beach weekend with a girlfriend...but only one of my mom's. I have a lovely champagne satin evening coat with ruched sleeves that was hers too, and a few austrian crystal necklaces and bracelets. And I won't count, have as many toasts as present themselves on Tuesday!

    Suki, adding Mike's name to the cattery was really just a formality in a legal sense, but emotionally it had so much more weight (not to say it should have had). My relationships before Mike all lasted about 5 years, some broke apart because of me and some not, but I told him if we went longer than 5 years, then we were right for each other. We were married 7 years when he died and know it would have been the "forever home" for both of us. So until we had passed that five year mark, I just couldn't trust myself (or him?) enough to add his name to something I had started and worked at so long. Silly, but part of my "only I can do a good job" side of my personality and one that caused him hurt at times, I know. Like when I rehung the lites on the Christmas tree, hoping he'd be outside hanging lites long enough to not see me do it--wrong. He came in when I was about half way done. But that incident really made me think each time I did something like that, realizing it's all little stuff and not all that important in the big picture, and oftentimes I let it slide.

    Moonshark, so glad you visited. I like knowing you are thinking of me. Like someone said when Mike passed, and I said when speaking of friends and family at that time...if everyone who cares about me thinks of me once a day, then I am in someone's thoughts all the time and never alone. And I added your kisses to mine when smooching the cats this morning. Visit again and I'll do the same.

  5. Teri - I love that dress! Also agree that this is a poignant story and lessons to be learned about openness and love. But I don't think, with all that you write about Mike, that you have much to regret - you were openly loving it seems and that is wonderful.


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