Thursday, April 14, 2011

Abandonment...puts it in perspective


  1. Really good ad! I'd like to hope that it would make an impact, but sadly, I suspect those with a mind to abandon their four-legged animals will do so anyway. But maybe they would be more inclined to take the animal to a shelter, after watching the ad. Not that that's a good solution, either, but there's an ever-so slightly better chance for the animal at a shelter than out in the woods.


    Sometimes--often--I don't like most people, most of the time. I'm so glad to have "met" so many wonderful people via the CB, it (somewhat) restores my faith in the the potential goodness of Homo Sapiens.

  2. This is it EXACTLY! Most humans just don't get how I feel about animals - dogs and Cats especially. When I see a cat that was hit by a car laying dead on the side of the road, I'm devastated for days. I can't drive that route for weeks or months. It's like if other people saw a dead baby! It really is, for me.
    Sorry, I got a little worked up there...good ad!!! Thanks Terry!

  3. I can't imagine abandoning anyone - human or animal. horrible, horrible thought.

  4. I can't watch the ad because I know it will affect me all day but I am SURE glad it's out there if it helps. I am like Lisa..when I see the poor animals along side of the road..anywhere at all, it is just so hard to bear. I am in need of some strength where that is concerned. My anguish does no good. My contributions to feral cat helpers do.


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