Saturday, February 6, 2010

Falling Whistles

I learned of this on my nieces blog, HOT ON A DIME.

FALLING WHISTLES is a grassroots group helping fight for peace in Congo, especially for the children. You can read more about them at their website. A truly incredible cause.

What’s really great is the way they are raising money. They are selling these whistles and all of the proceeds go to help fight for their cause, and they are a great conversation piece. They range from $30-$100 based on the finish. What a cool idea right?!


  1. Hi, Teri, thanks for coming by my blog and sharing your simple pleasure. I'm happy to meet another cat lover. Loved your photo of kitty in hot pink wig on your profile page. And I loved the furs for cubs piece before this one on Falling Whistles. It is just great what people are willing to do to help a cause. Be blessed,

  2. very interesting approach - I'll go take a look

  3. Thanks so much for reposting this! There was something in the voice of the guy who started it when he was talking, it makes me want to find a way to help!

    Not to mention I LOVED the necklace idea and got so many compliments wearing it! It was a great opportunity to tell more people about it as well :)

  4. Thank you for adding Falling Whistles on your blog - we really appreciate the support. We have some really exciting initiatives that will be launched pretty soon down the road. I would love to connect with you so we can keep in touch in the future!
    Please e-mail me at so we can be in touch.
    -Mallory and the rest of FW HQ


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