Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bird House

Til I get around to downloading my snow's a cute commercial about...a bird house!


  1. Thank you SO much for the visit and the links. I learned more from your comment however. The links were new to me but I have learned the information as any pet owner does when their baby gets sick.
    I had no idea about yeasty ears. Her ear "pits" are terribly itchy and I think the Vet is backing off much allergy med due to their side effects. The treatment he put in her ears a few weeks ago seemed very effective. I will mention that to a way not to irritate him. :-)
    Great meeting you.

    If you ever read further back in her blogs you will see a litany of those very symptoms. Even with treatment, she still calls at night. Just not as much. It is hard on me. (sleep-wise)

  2. I DOUBLE love this!

    I much fear that these profuse snows shall delay the return of the Rust-Crested Bonko Bird to our Hemisphere...

  3. I gotta give it to you--that IS a cute commercial. I just wish I knew how I could shrink myself and move in.

    PS Is there a proper toilet, I wonder, or just newspapers in a remote corner?


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