Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It was my birth day yesterday

and today we were really slow at work, so when the alarm went off, I called in and left a message saying unless you really need me, I'm going back to sleep. and I did, til 10am. Nice vice.

I wasn't on the computer all day, did some work-bathed 7 cats, and wandered around the blogosphere, visiting blogs from other peoples pages.

I like doing that. and I came across some thoughts for the day after my birthday that I thought I would put here for others to think about, too...but you need to take that extra step, and follow the link

Trust in Life


  1. Happy Birthday. I hope you treated yourself special. Weird photo. Nice link. Be well, Suki

  2. Hewy Terri, Happy Birthday for yesterday. Nothing like pulling a sickie at work for your special day.

    My partner LOOOVEs devon rexes, so he would want me to knit something, and I also know of a woman who collects her devon's fur and felts things out of it...

  3. Belated Happy Birthday! I hope it was a nice one.

    I haven't been online in awhile, I've been so busy at work but thank you for the sweet comments.

    "Whatever with the past has gone,
    The best is always yet to come. - "
    Lucy Larcom

  4. P.S. Thank you for the blog. These are incredible desserts. I definitely need to learn how to bake!

    Good night Teri

  5. Happy Birthday for yesterday. Sounds like you had a super relaxed day.

  6. happy birthday teri! Lucky kitties!

  7. Happy Birthday. I think you did quite nicely taking care of yourself! I enjoyed the link...I tell my kids that stuff, never that articulately, all the time. May this be your very best year yet!

  8. I so appreciate my friends notes here. It's like getting the best mail from the mailman!

    Suki, yes that is a weird photo. Didn't really have anything to do with my post but when it popped up during my search for a good one, well I just grabbed it. In the background is the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, and it's a huge sculpture right on the waterfront near a large indoor marketplace. Mike and I were at a cat show and staying in SF with my mom and her boyfriend and he took us all round the city. It was fun.

    Grrl, Interesting about felting cat fur! Devons are very Pixie-ish, do you know of Daisy, the Curly Cats blog? You have to visit it! http://daisythecurlycat.blogspot.com

    Cat, we all were drooling over those cupcakes at work today, so thanks for leading us there!

    Momcat, I did have a relaxed day but still got a job done and that felt good too.

    Moonshark, my kitties, while they don't hold the soap for me, don't really mind their bathes, nail clipping ear and toe cleaning too much and I know they feel better afterwards.

    and JBA, glad you enjoyed the link. Yes, we say those things to ourselves a lot, the trick is in believing the words and therefore they come to fruition. This year will be another year of self realization, I am sure :)

  9. Happy birthday! A little late.


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