Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brighton's Yule Tide Auction...

The Cat Blogosphere is having an auction to help me cover some of the vet expenses I had when Brighton was hospitalized for a urinary blockage in June. Whether you pitch in $1 or bid on a knick knack you don't really least you know who your donation is going to...

The Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere hold at least one auction every month, and I like donating and picking up little things here and there like at TJ Maxx or even The Dollar Store, and saving them up for a future auction.

I am gathering things to donate to my Brighton's auction, too...especially as my therapist is having me 'simplify and only keep things that are useful or have sentimental meaning to me. I have been having make pick ups on things about twice a month the past few months, so I am making headway...

Here's a link for more info, and be sure to visit again after the auction starts, or if you think you might have an item you'd like to donate to his auction.


  1. We will check out the auction stuff fur sure! Thanks for the purrs for Rudy!

  2. We will take a peek!
    We wanted to stop in and thank you for the advice and the articles.
    But most importantly we want to thank you for the support.
    It means so very much to us!
    Smoochies to all of you!

  3. We will check it out - the Cat Blogosphere is a wonderful place and we wish you luck with Brighton's auction.


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