Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busboy in iconic RFK assassination photo pays his respects, 42 years later

Photo: Busboy Juan Romero, 17, kneels by mortally wounded presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel on June 5, 1968. Credit: Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times

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Busboy in iconic RFK assassination photo pays his respects, 42 years later


  1. Hello, my friend. It's Thanksgiving Day today and I wanted to stop by and wish all my friends the happiest day. I wanted to tell you that when I count my blessings, you will be among them. Thank you for adding to the richness of my experience in the blog world. Your blog is a wonderful place for me to visit. Thank you for that. Happy, happy Thanksgiving.

  2. That is such an iconic picture, and over the years it's made me wonder whatever became of this kid... whether he was hounded by reporters or whether he was haunted by the memory of that day in a profound way. I don't imagine a day passes by where it this tragedy doesn't replay in his mind, heart & spirit.


  3. I'm a cat. And I told when I read something touching and profound. My human Tommy was a kitten when RFK was gunned down by Sirhan Sirhan--she remembers being so sad and hoped RFK wouldn't need to go to Heaven. Thanks for sharing the article. Tommy says she always wondered about that young busboy in the photo.


    PS. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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