Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I always say "I'd hate to be a weatherman (or is that weatherwoman? weatherperson?) but this time, they were right on with the prediction.

18 inches overnight, started about 9pm last night, and still coming down. Yes, I should have gone in to work last night before it started to do payroll instead of waiting til...tomorrow, hopefully. I am heading off to Oregon on Monday, and by then the weather here anyway is supposed to be partly sunny and no more snow, but we all know how snow anywhere can "snowball" into problems with flight delays etc.

I leave D.C. at 8:30am and have a 3 1/2 hour layover in San Francisco, and arrive in Oregon at 4:40pm. I usually don't sleep the night I leave on a flight, by the time I get done doing stuff, it hardly seems worth it to sleep a few hours and have to get up, and I can sleep on the plane when I am that tired.

I am so looking forward to 10 days away, sleeping in and reading and shopping and being with my family. I will have time to catch up with blogs, and even post to mine, though posting photos may have to wait til I get back home. I look forward to visiting Ashland and Jacksonville, always decorated so festively at Christmastime. And there are some new restaurants I will have to try, as well as some old favorites, GEPPETTO'S and OMAR'S and BELLA UNION and visiting some old friends, too.

I won't feel guilty because I am not getting to chores that need getting to at home (because I won't be at home!) and making a resolution to dig in when I get back, welcoming in the new year with some changes. I met with my new therapist and am looking forward to what we can do together, getting me through this sadness, which I have let isolate me too much, like a fog that rolls in even after a sunny day...

So, today I am enjoying the day, being inside, packing for my trip next on my list, drinking green tea and watching the birds enjoy the seed and suet I put out...oh, and digging my car out while the snow is still fluffy, tomorrow it might be harder!


  1. I'm so exited for you to be able to get away for a while. :)

  2. sounds like a wonderful trip to look forward to. Enjoy. 18 inches!! At least down there it melts fast. Here all snow from the past month is now a hard ice mass.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family... and do plenty of goofing off!! Your shot of the Cardinal (?) nestled in the snowflakes is darling!!!

  4. Yes, Gwen, that's a Cardinal. I saw all kinds of birds out today, but only know the cardinal by name...


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