Friday, December 26, 2008

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire?

No, but my new heat pump and ac/heating system's being installed today. And I just have to think that the feelings of warmth and coolness will keep me purring all year long.

This has certainly been the year of the joys of home ownership for me...New roof, new flooring (thanks to the cat induced flood) and now, new hvac system. It had been giving me trouble for a couple of years, blowing fuses which is always a symptom of something worse it seems. But after spending $$ on replacing fuses, waking up to no heat on numerous occasions and worrying that it would go out when I was away and the sparsely coated kitties I reside with would suffer...I just wanted to not worry about it anymore. So, if I believe the "Your utility bills will be cut in half" sales pitch, that in itself will be worth it.

I had a nice Christmas Day spent with friends, out near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. The day was perfect, sunny, 49 degrees and fun playing on the Wii and drinking Christmas Cheer. My friend, Dayle, is from Australia and her birthday is Christmas Day, and back home it's summertime! We didn't have a White Christmas here, but it was fun watching their son with his toys and having a nice meal with friends is always something special.

I have New Years plans this year, first date since Mike's passing, so that's some kind of milestone and hopefully an auspicious way to welcome in the New Year, with a friend that I am friends with first...just like Mike was. If not, well at least I'll have a nice dinner and fun dancing and hopefully be able to see him again at the cat shows without turning crimson with embarrassment about how we welcomed in 2009.

May this week before
the new year begins
be full of hope and
promise for all of you,
and in the new year,
may you see the
life in things you
have missed before.


  1. We are also in the process of getting a new furnace. The a/c was replaced this spring when it was found to be blowing tepid-at-best air. The guy that came out to look at it kept remarking about how old the furnace was (probably original to the house: 1940) and that we might want to keep his number handy. Luckily, we are still under our homeowner warranty, so if things need to go, GO NOW!!

    Oooooh! I hope your New Year brings you lots of fun new things!! And I hope your New Years' Eve goes splendidly!

  2. How awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    Wishing you " A Happy 2009.

  3. Thanks for coming over OWL blog. I too, have had a community of felines who share family life...this year we lost three, two were very old, one was very sick...this has been a difficult transition year...your kitty's are cute...and I like your theme. Is this your main blog? I have one that I work on other things (research) and one to be in contact with the world. You seem to have three! Best of everything to you!


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