Saturday, August 1, 2009

You'll find me at 57 Blogland Lane...

I should be cleaning up my basement, but instead...I'm surfing the web looking at "small homes" to put on my dreamspot on Blogland Lane. This endeavor was begun by KJ at #9 BLOGLAND LANE and it's been fun looking at what my bloggie friends dream about when thinking of retiring to Blissville...So, maybe life can begin anew at 57, so I'll reside at #57 Blogland Ln.

To me, it would be a small space and that "two cats in the yard" ala CSNY (although mine would still be housecats with maybe a kitty arboretum in the yard, so they could see the birds, sniff the air and lay in the sweet sunlight outside but be safe).

This small space would give me time to be with friends (something I am missing and not finding time to do in my current abode); to be out enjoying nature and life (I'd get a bike with balloon tires and a bell); having time to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab Utah BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY... and blogging more...

And with this "Dream Home", I could even pick up and visit friends on the road, but think I'd want to have someone else drive, so I could nap ( I miss napping in the car as a passenger, too). I'd like to park it by a riffle on a river, or where I can hear the waves of the ocean. I'd have lots of bird feeders and sweet peas and nasturtiums growing wild, and blueberry bushes, lots of them to share with all those friends, served with lemon sorbet. And of course, a hammock in the yard, and time to read!

I would watch the stars from that little loft window and snuggle with the 2 cats under that luxurious comforter. Ok...I'm sighing now.

Note: all of the photos of the Lodge on Wheels are from this site