Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mewsings 2nd Award!

This lovely painting by Studio Lolo, is her way of recognizing fellow bloggers who visit frequently and raise our spirits with their kind words of encouragement, their beautiful images and their wonderful outlook on life. They make blogging a positive experience and continue to make our life richer.

She passed it on to the very worthy, Auntie Mim, who has gifted me with this lovely award! I am honored and realize these friendships are a gift, a treasured one!

I will pass this award on to...

The Rabbit Hole

Words Flow and Stuff L


In Good Shape

Blissful Bohemian

Small Doses of Wonder


  1. Thatnk you so much, Teri! What a lovely award. I will grab it in a day or so...

  2. teri, i've just read your blog intro and have a lump in my throat at the way you've described your life with and love for mike. i am deeply touched by your honesty and your bravery. your openness to life ahead almost made me cry.

    thanks for linking up to my blog. i will enjoy your visits. and i will be back here. afterall, we have the same wonderful "family" members.


  3. Thank you very much! I just got finished with a screaming match with a twelve year old so this is a PLEASANT surprise. (In case you're wondering, I think I lost this round.) Thank again for being out there in blogville!

  4. What a sweet thing to do, thanks so much :)

  5. Thank you so much Teri, this is wonderful. You are so sweet. I always enjoy your blog and your visits. You are an inspiration.



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