Thursday, December 4, 2008

Slideshow Glitch

Not a newsy post, but one for the Flickr team. Way back in October, I tried to get Blogger's new Slideshow gadget to show all the photos in my Flickr albums. So I just posted the slideshow as a post and it worked just fine.

I am still having problems, only 20 of the 191 photos in the set show up on the slideshow and when I try and make my own gadget, it tells me "We are sorry, this gadget appears to be broken. This gadget has errors, and cannot be used until fixed."

So I had the bright idea of seeing if it would work again as a post.

Yep, it does. If I copy the HTML and insert it in the post, it works just fine.

What gives? Maybe I need to ask Blogger, not Flickr? Another litebulb went on. I went to the Blogger Help Group and found out the answer..."As for the 20 limit it appears Blogger is using the feed options from Flickr which only displays the last 20 photos uploaded.". I am going to keep working on this and see if the glitch is solvable.


  1. I love all of the photos!
    What a great slideshow!

  2. love the photo's and love the color that you gave your fish - so pretty swimming against that dark blue water

  3. I tried to remember how I cahanged it to merfs but I can't remember! If you go here there are loads of great tips and I already sent in the question for you.



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